Syrian Sniper Kills Cameraman

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Shocking video footage has emerged from the Syrian city of Homs in which a young man filming gunfire in the streets appears to be shot dead in cold blood by the sniper he zooms in on. A clip circulating on YouTube begins with a male voice describing "someone shooting at citizens in Karm al-Sham on 1 July without any reason and no demonstrations." The cameraman is filming from an upper floor against a background of slogans being chanted. Jerky images of the street and balconies are followed by a blurred glimpse of a man in olive green, standing in the shadows, carefully moving forward and raising and firing a weapon – followed by a single shot, moaning, and distraught voices pleading for help. The cameraman's identity is not known. Foreign journalists and human rights groups are largely banned from Syria and it has not been possible to authenticate the video. Rough Translation:Camera guy: The forces are attacking the fellow locals in "alsham" at the first of july 2011 without any reason.Camera guy:There is no protesting or anything.Two guys: (talking inside the house)Camera guy: (Gets shot)First guy: calls the camera guy's name.second guy: The bullet hit him in the head ?!First guy: (shaking up) uhh in the head , head uhSecond guy: Oh my god oh my godSecond guy: please god (camera sounds keeps cutting up can't tell)First guy: (voice shaking up) More..Get back get back go back move (sounds like he was dragging the body while calling the seconds guy's name)Second guy: Yes? (then asks something about filming)

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  1. deltaalpha21074
    deltaalpha21074 Sep 14, 2011

    Dont worry it willnotbe long before SNIPER unit from America with much bigger and much better weapons get some points on the SYRIAN ARMY soon... Good place for 2 TOP Marine scouts to use some CHEYTEK time huh?

  2. 27779156
    27779156 Oct 30, 2011

    I didn't know I would see anything like this on the internet.

  3. 13378967
    13378967 Jun 29, 2012

    Bullets are flying everywere. So what do you do? You stick your head out to film it all. That's just dumb.

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