Sniper Hits 2 Rebels with 1 Bullet

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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WARNING GRAPHIC: A Syrian Arab Army sniper gets in a very skilled and accurate shot, hitting two FSA rebels with one shot.

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Sep 28, 2013

    2 less

  2. bulldurham48
    bulldurham48 Sep 29, 2013

    Damn nice shot but the picture is worth millions and actual hit on tape great

  3. Bluesheepdog_WA
    Bluesheepdog_WA Apr 07, 2014

    That was awesome. Love stories with happy endings.

  4. miked9746
    miked9746 Oct 04, 2014

    That was truly a beautiful thing!!

  5. 29237169
    29237169 May 29, 2017

    Poorly protected, and disregarding a Sniper's Scope will be futile! So sad and tragically experienced by fellow soldiers!

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