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ISIS Terrorist Planting IED Fails, Blows Himself Up

Iraqi Army Aviation footage of ISIS terrorist planting an IED and having it blow up in his face in Badush west of Mosul.

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  1. 34911527
    34911527 4 weeks ago

    so funny,shame there was only one of them, still it was a good circus act, why pay to see shows like this when we have them doing it for nothing

  2. Mottlee
    Mottlee 4 weeks ago

    Love happy endings :-)

  3. 34806196
    34806196 4 weeks ago

    I can not feel sorry for these fools. He got what he deserved. This centuries old philosophy has got to go. It has ruined too many lives. There is no proof what so ever that it is valid in any way. I wonder why NOW, the LGBT folks and others never complain about them the way they like to crack down on so called Christians. But this film is obviously a training issue and dude paid the price for being asleep in class.

  4. rbj123
    rbj123 3 weeks ago

    i hope they all die!

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