Cool Bump Fire Stock for AR-15

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Kirsti shooting with a bump fire stock for the AR-15.

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  1. cpauld
    cpauld Oct 06, 2017

    Considering what happened in Las Vegas, this is really an inopportune time to be demonstrating this AR-15 accessory don't you think?!

  2. 34724859
    34724859 Oct 09, 2017

    it's still not as fast as FULL AUTO AR-15, but good alt.

  3. LC45
    LC45 Oct 12, 2017

    No Need to allow these type of weapon altering devices.

  4. LC45
    LC45 Oct 12, 2017

    This is why I truly believe the current U.S. constitution needs to be retired and a new one penned that is user friendly for our far larger more modern society with a fully refurbished 2nd amendment that only allows private ownership of two 5 or 6 shot revolvers over a life time for home and self protection, one shotgun & just one bolt, pump or lever action rifle for hunting both limited to a four round max capacity. Anything more than that is not needed for the basic happy go lucky American. I also feel any modifications to enhance a weapons' deadly effectiveness like longer tube type magazines, sound suppressors (silencers), laser beams, full auto action firing or any device that can enhance firing rates, bayonets, high cap mags. mini flashlights attached should also NOT be allowed. These killings have gone on for far too long and are just not needed.

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