Humor: 10 Funny Gun Fails

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Sorry, but these never get old. Enjoy!

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Nov 23, 2011

    Speeks bad for the ppl that SHOULD know not to let them get hurt

  2. 27580365
    27580365 Nov 30, 2011

    Just lucky no one was killed, properly show how to handle a firearm,

  3. 14520323
    14520323 Dec 01, 2011

    If you just can't help yourself but to let an inexperienced person shoot a firearm, put one round and one round only into said firearm! Dummy!

  4. ken_cleghorn
    ken_cleghorn Dec 01, 2011

    Perfect examples of why idiots shouldn't own firearms. The ones where somebody else is "instructing" an obvious rookie shooter should qualify as epic failures. Anybody who is amused by teaching somebody to handle a weapon inappropriately needs to have the crap slapped out of them.

  5. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Dec 01, 2011

    I'm sorry but there's nother funny at all when it comes to firearm safety. Some of the people letting other people shoot without any experiance is like letting them fly with nuks and no flying time. OK an exageration? Firing a S&W 500 MAG with a 4" barrel is hard enough, Doing it with some idiot teaching you? I was a range officer and I would see people like this...For about a minuet before asking them to leave. I have taught gun safety and just don't see anything funny here. THIS IS WHAT ANTI GUN FREEKS LOOK FOR SO STOP DOING IT AND FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP POSTING IT ON LINE.

  6. 22583959
    22583959 Dec 01, 2011

    DocGay-Question?Why is pain so FUNNY?Yes you can see a bunch of rookie shooters and very unsafe handling fire arms.But all in all I still got a laugh out of this video.De Oppresso Liber

  7. 16265773
    16265773 Dec 04, 2011

    Not much funny here.

  8. 25777054
    25777054 Dec 05, 2011

    Sorry, but I fail to see the humor in the untrained handling deadly weapons, or, if trained, doing so in an unsafe manner. Shame on you all who videoed these scenes.

  9. 27071038
    27071038 Dec 07, 2011

    What can be funny about people doing dangerous things with firearms?

  10. rfhugh
    rfhugh Jun 07, 2012

    Fail to see anything humerous in this. Anyone that sees anything funny in it is a complete idiot.

  11. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Dec 02, 2012

    As i watch the ten gun fails, They are not gun fails they are people fails. people who are not trained to fire a firearm properly. The girl with the 500 S&W her arms are not locked into position, The rest are just so stupid. As a range officer if and when I do see things like this OUT THEY GO! And they laught about it, Firearms are not toys and should not be used by idiots. Period.

  12. 30158995
    30158995 Dec 16, 2012


  13. DDH3
    DDH3 Mar 23, 2014

    All this crap does is turn people off to guns. Some dude watching & laughing as his girl gets smacked in the face by a high-powered gun? Stupid. They'll probably never want to shoot again. Just as dumb as putting your girl or a friend on the back of a motorcycle and scaring the crap outta them. Dumb.

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