Gunner's Fact or Fiction: Semi vs. Automatic

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U.S. Marines, CWO5 Christian Wade, 2nd Marine Division Gunner, and Cpl Gerald Tredo, 3/6 infantryman, compare shot groups while firing on semi-automatic and full automatic at various distances on October 18, 2017 at Camp Lejeune. The intent is to provide guidelines on when it is most appropriate to use semi automatic and full automatic when suppressing an enemy. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Bethanie Ryan)

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  1. 25885583
    25885583 Nov 29, 2017

    I've been in the military in peace and war, and guarded billions of dollars worth of weapons delivery system, and much more. I also worked in law enforcement. At no time was I ever taught to burn through ammo on full auto. You have less control. You waste a lot of ammo to hit nothing. That's why in Vietnam we used about 50,000 rounds for each KIA. It was one of the reasons for the 3 round burst system. Remember, when you're out of bullets, you're also going to be out of beer.

  2. WRBaker
    WRBaker Nov 30, 2017

    Most of us didn't have a sight on our M-16s in Vietnam, either. In a jungle environment, you can't always see where they were shooting from - near or far, so flipping on full auto was usually best (always had the 30-round clips seated).

  3. 36329109
    36329109 Dec 05, 2017

    30 round clips? When I was in Vietnam I had 30 round magazines

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