Former Explosive Detection Dog Reunited with Special Forces Handler

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Eleven months after a tour in South Korea, Staff Sergeant Amanda Cubbage adopted her former partner and Explosive Detection Dog, Rick, upon his retirement.

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  1. 19539550
    19539550 Aug 20, 2017

    Please use a little more care and do a little more research. This person is Not Special Forces. Special Forces is a part of the Army commonly called the Green Berets. I assume you ignorantly meant Security Forces. Keep your facts straight please and do not confuse the different parts of the Special Operations forces such as Special Forces, Ranger. SOAR, etc

  2. Tolzer10SFG
    Tolzer10SFG Aug 21, 2017

    Yes please fix to state "Security Force" this just shows stupidity by the editors.

  3. Aviation Ordnance
    Aviation Ordnance Aug 29, 2017

    Too often it appears that the MSM (main stream media) has infiltrated and is perverting, obfuscating, being revisionists......and general proponents of their master publisher and all around propagandist Goebbels. One knows that when the military is infiltrated ....all is lost.

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