Air Force NCO Goes on Expletive-ridden Rant Against Subordinates

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In a video posted on Facebook, Air Force Tech. Sgt. Geraldine Lovely from the 99th Force Support Squadron at Nellis AFB goes on a profanity-laced tirade against her subordinates.

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  1. 36538036
    36538036 Jan 31, 2018

    How in the world did you get as far as you did? RESPECT is earned through Leadership, learning and listening. Your senior grade demands respect but your actions and foul mouth do not. Talk with your peers and get a true evaluation of yourself. How you are seen by others not how you receive yourself.

  2. 34139356
    34139356 Jan 31, 2018

    Good for her! She is using standard, universally accepted military language to express her frustration over a problem which is rife throughout the military community. This PC problem extends to the United States military Academy at West Point. It needs to be corrected by those in the Pentagon who allow it to flourish. If legal action must be applied, rather than destroying this sargeant's career, start with those in the Pentagon who ignore this infection to thrive in the institutions that train our officer corp. KUDOS TO SARGEANT GERALDINE LOVELY.

  3. bbabbitt
    bbabbitt Jan 31, 2018

    Must be that time of month.

  4. navbb62
    navbb62 Jan 31, 2018

    Needs a bar of soap in her mouth.

  5. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Feb 01, 2018

    Spent my boot camp at FORT JACKSON S.C. I was constantly harassed by black personnel, Men but mostly women, They were not only unprofessional but down right scum bags. I was running up a huge set of steps and BAM a boot right in my chest...I looked up and this black bitch looks at me and say's what's your hurry boy? So many racial incidents on that base. 1983

  6. Toujours_Pret
    Toujours_Pret Feb 01, 2018

    That's odd that only Black females give her problems, but no other group?

  7. ConsultantInAction
    ConsultantInAction Feb 01, 2018

    This starts with the Commandant of the Air Force. ... . This has been part of the USAF as well as other Branches, for some time. ... . This is about Racism and a Lack of Respect for those the African American's Demand the same. ... .Blacks/African American Women, have been led to believe they're Bad Asses and deserve to be above the Rules, that apply to others, the conversation needs to be held at the Sec. of Defense Level . ... . It starts Recruiting Contract, then Basic Training, as well as our Command Structure. ... . We had a President, that had little or No Respect for our Military and Law Enforcement, what else can we expect. ... . President Obama, encouraged disrespect, at least until it came to him; look at the Generals and other Officers, that were forced out, for discussing the Incompetency of President Obama and his Chief Adviser's . ... .

  8. ConsultantInAction
    ConsultantInAction Feb 01, 2018

    36538036 Certainly, you've not experienced the Gaming that goes on in our World. ... . This type of thing has gone on for some time, it first started by Unit Commanders, fearing a Backlash of Racism being attached to their file, then no Promotions. ... . I'm certainly a believer; the Sgt. could have used much better language, instead, she fell to the level of those she's seeking respect from. ... . However, this is a Problem, as well as Gangs in our Military. ... . JBL Lewis Mcchord has had problems with Troops, melding with the Community's Gangs. ... . American Soldiers, need not ever forced to serve with Disrespectful Inferior Persons, be they Black, White, Hispanic or any other Ethnicity. ... . USAF ... Starting at the Very Top, and that means the General, at the Academy, that spoke before he realized a Black Cadet, painted Racial Slurs on his own Door. ... . We need to expect nothing but the Best, nor should our Troops . ... . Out with those choosing to Disrespect their Senior Command . ... . UCMJ Can deal with it

  9. CheckStaticLines
    CheckStaticLines Feb 02, 2018

    @ConsultantInAction, The problem starts with people like you. You talk of respect when you come here and disrespect this country's president. You actually think this all started from Obama. You really think anyone outside of your circle of White Nationalist sympathizers is buying into your slander? Not only are you a liar; you also made up this fictional reality that blames Obama for whites being racists. Which is your admission to knowing nothing about American history or this country's politics. Prove me wrong by making a point that isn't taken straight from FOX News or your White GOP masters.

  10. CheckStaticLines
    CheckStaticLines Feb 02, 2018

    @Sgt.Lovely, I can see why your subordinates treat you like they do. You don't see too many soldiers that would stoop so low as to air out their personal problems like you just did. You need to stay exactly where you are and maybe you will learn how to be professional and earn that rank you were given.

  11. 36666071
    36666071 Feb 05, 2018

    Foul mouth way too much.

  12. 36666071
    36666071 Feb 05, 2018

    Stupid to post in uniform with the mouth. But she does have a point a lot in the military. Ft. Jackson was the biggest place in all my years where there was big racism of the blacks against whites. Blacks got away with everything and nothing was ever done about it. It made you really dislike most. The Air Force has the same issues with a lot of bad attitudes.

  13. 27563208
    27563208 Feb 05, 2018

    This just goes to show you how much the Air Force is worth. In the Marines, the FIRST DUTY is to take care of your personnel, not berate them. She might as well to start taking those stripes off of those sleeves.

  14. magic3400
    magic3400 Feb 08, 2018

    What? Start writing their asses up. You start taking some stripes and their money what how fast they get the hint.

  15. magic3400
    magic3400 Feb 08, 2018

    "profanity-laced tirade" LOL...We'll take her in the Marine Corps.

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