Chinese Tank Loses Control on Highway

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A driver in China comes face to face with an out of control tank, which then crashes into the side of his vehicle.

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  1. mmullikin2
    mmullikin2 Aug 31, 2016

    Going too fast, controls become more sensitive.

  2. Eco2-6Marine
    Eco2-6Marine Sep 02, 2016

    I think that it was to take out the one Chevy in China!

  3. 35986653
    35986653 Mar 06, 2017

    Well the Cherry Fragrance Coming from under the rear view mirror Gives way to the Smell of Shit Coming from the Drivers Butt

  4. bulldurham48
    bulldurham48 Apr 01, 2017

    It is obivious that someone needs driving lessons

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