Tip of the Spear: Minigun Lights Up the Night!

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Tip of the Spear: US Navy Riverines - In this latest episode of Tip of the Spear we get our hands dirty with the 'GAU' gun in use by the US Navy Riverines. Look out for some high powered action!

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  1. 12811270
    12811270 Aug 10, 2011

    Army Veteran, I was really impressed with the (Navy Riverines minnigun on patrol on the waters practice patrol. We had the Army air support(C-130 that shot 6 k rounds a minute: a continuous snake tracer rounds headed toward the ground wiping out anything on the ground(will look like it been in a meat grinder),bless the human soles on the ground; which were Viet-Cong--dead. The Army also had the (quad 50 seated hell raiser),what a weapon! The 101 first Air Born units were very good with it going into the city of Bao Loc to avenge some of our military brothers in a well known house with pretty women. I was a radio operator (05b20); with the 14th combat engineers for five months in the monsoon Bao Loc; knee deep mud trying to walk was hell. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL MY MILITARY BROTHERS IN ALL WARS. "War veterans have a unbreakable bond".

  2. 24431180
    24431180 Aug 11, 2011

    Bravo Zulu! Good to see we maintain our fire power!

  3. 20959008
    20959008 Aug 13, 2011

    Nice gun . Load it with some armor piercing incidiaries would keep Terminator Junior satisfied there. But, he's in a prone position and an easy target. Tiny issue with that beast and a 3-line round would put him out of theatre. All battlefield targeting is done by sight. If they can't see you, they can't target you. I'd save that gem for anti-aircraft and command the guys stay low with very accurate rifles.Terrific video, though...Al

  4. 6875987
    6875987 Aug 14, 2011

    Great machine. I was new in country in Sept. of 67 and I saw my first display of Puff in No-Mans-Land outside of the 4th Inf. Div in Pleiku. What a joy to watch knowing that VC were under that Red Rain. Some time later, Spooky was laying down fire support. It was so close and the roar was so loud I thought we were going to get hit. It was OK for us, but not the VC. To all you gunship guys, thanks for pulling our fat out of the fire. Zap all VC.

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