AC-130 Gunships | 5 Things You Don't Know About

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The AC-130 Gunships are some of the most awesome – and fearsome – aircraft in the US military arsenal. Hosted by Benari Poulten. Watch now.

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  1. Racerbabe
    Racerbabe Aug 09, 2016

    5 things you don't know about AC-130s. The movie was Transformers.

  2. fishinn
    fishinn Aug 26, 2016

    Some additional things: the original AC-130 was the "A" model. The oldest C-130, SN 53-3129 was converted to gunship configuraton and used in Vietnam in 1968. It was retired in 1994. The AC-130 was used extensively during Vietnam. As CAS and Interdiction it destroyed vehicles, protected friendly forces and much more. 4 of the "A" models were lost in combat. The "A" model had two 20mm cannons, two 7.62mm Mini-guns and two 40mm Bofors cannon. All guns were used in a fixed position to the aircraft. the pilot uses a side mounted gunsight to aim the airplane, just like a fighter uses the gunsight to aim his airplane. Total firepower of the "A" model was 17,100 rounds per minute. The two 40mm's were not fired at the same time. All other guns could safely be fired at the same time. Total crew was 14 for the "A" model with the difference from the newer models being 5 gunners on the "A" model. Last operational use of the aircraft was the invasion of Haiti. The Air Force Reserve flew the "A" models from 1975 till their retirement in 1995. The "A"model sn 53-3129 is on display at the Armament Museum at Eglin AFB Florida. It was the original C-130 ever built in 1953.

  3. 32075966
    32075966 Aug 27, 2016

    This video while interesting is factually incorrect. The AC130H was a great aircraft with a great combat history, but it never was employed in combat in Iraq. Operstion Iraqi Freedom was covered in its entirety from before combat operations until after the last combat troop was withdrawn (March 2003 - Dec 2011) by the 4 SOS and its AC-130U. This article states Ac130H was in both Iraq and Afghanistan combat. The H model was not employed in Iraq.

  4. WilliamBurr
    WilliamBurr Oct 08, 2016


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