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  • Counseling at a desk.
    What to Expect in Therapy
    Defense Centers of Excellence
    The Defense Centers of Excellence shares tips on what to expect in therapy and why you shouldn't be scared of it.
  • New Study Finds 20 Vets Die by Suicide Each Day
    The most comprehensive study yet made of veteran suicide concludes that on average 20 veterans a day are taking their own lives...
  • Studies Find 14% of Vets Have Suicidal Thinking
    During a two-year Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) study, 14 percent of veterans interviewed reported having suicidal thinki...
  • prescription drugs
    The Facts of Addiction|
    Get the lowdown on the causes of addiction, and how to find help if you or someone you know has an addiction.
  • Servicemember passed out drunk.
    It's Never Funny to be "That Guy"|
    Sometimes we laugh at "That Guy" making a spectacle of himself, but it's not so funny when he wrecks your evening.