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  • An Airman hugs his children
    How to Talk to Your Children After Deployment
    Defense Centers of Excellence
    Kids often say the time after their parent returns home is the toughest part of a deployment for them. It's because of all the ...
  • military family in front of house
    Friends and Family: Self-Care During a Deployment
    Everyone Serves
    Deployments can be especially hard on the parents, other family members, and friends of service members.
  • Staying Healthy After Deployment
    It is important to be aware of your health after returning home -- some medical conditions may not cause noticeable symptoms un...
  • children at deployment event
    Facing the Deployment Curse Head On
    If your spouse has ever deployed you know about the Deployment Curse. Here's how to face it.
  • Navy homecoming 600x400
    8 Military Homecoming Tips
    Everyone Serves
    Returning home after a deployment is usually met with warmth and love, but it can also be a challenging period of readjustment.