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Buy a Car Without Breaking a Sweat

Car buying. Getty Images
Car buying. Getty Images

What’s the secret to no-hassle car buying? Do your research before ever stepping foot in a dealership so you can drive away with a great deal. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines (and begin your vehicle search)!

1. Research cars before you test drive.

Check out local car shows and automotive events in your area—these shows give you a chance to browse with no pressure to buy. The National Automotive Dealers Association can help you determine fair prices in your area. You’ll be in a stronger position to negotiate if you know the car’s value and how the same or similar vehicle is priced at multiple dealerships.

2. Get pre-approved for an auto loan.

With an auto loan pre-approval, you can shop with confidence and focus on getting the right vehicle for you. You’re in control when you have financing pre-approved from a lender—that means you don’t have to rely on dealer financing to close the deal. Look for a lender to finance your vehicle with a competitive rate with no surprises and great service for the life of the loan.

3. Pace yourself.

Slow down and put your emotions in “park” so you can focus on your needs and budget. If you fall in love with a vehicle and race to the bargaining table, you may lose your power to negotiate, or you may make a rushed decision that you’ll regret. Allow yourself time to make an informed decision—go for a walk, get a second opinion or come back later to finalize the deal.

4. Drive away with a low price.

Not interested in negotiating at the dealership? Look for a reliable auto-buying program to do the heavy lifting for you! Simply enter information about the vehicle you want and your location, to start your search for the right vehicle at a great price from dealerships in your area.

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