Stew's Favorites: Calisthenics / Running

8 Count Body Builder Pushup Pullup Pyramid 2

Here is a new favorite combination of running /​ swimming /​ weights and calisthenics done in a two part workout or one long session of 2–2.5 hours. Remember there is no 30 minute gym workout that will prepare you for a day of ANY military training. You have to put in the time /​ distances in many activities.

Warmup: 5 min jog

Burpee Pyramid
Burpee 1 — run 100m
Burpee 2 — run 100m
Burpee 3 — run 100m
…on your 5th set:
max pullups
Burpee 6 — run 100m — keep going to 10…
max pullups
Burpee 11–15 w/​100m runs in between
max pullups
Burpee 16–20 w/​100m
max pullups

Spartan Run /​ PT
1/​4 mile run at goal mile pace
push press 50
1/​4 mile run at goal mile pace
Kb swings 50
1/​4 mile run at goal mile pace
pullups or pulldowns 50
1/​4 mile run at goal mile pace
walking lunges 50 steps
1/​4 mile run at goal mile pace
plank pose 2 min
1/​4 mile at goal mile pace

Swim 30 min - how far do you get? Shoot for 30+ laps minimum any stroke

OR Ruck 30 min for distance if you are selecting Army /​ SF /​ Ranger, USMC, etc…

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