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Indictment: Marine Corps Recruiter Tried to Lure 3 Children

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ROSELLE, N.J. — A Marine Corps recruiter who allegedly tried to lure three children into his vehicle while inappropriately touching himself has been indicted on sexual assault charges.

Union County prosecutors say 27-year-old Sgt. Wade Phillips also faces child endangerment and lewdness counts in the indictment handed up by a county grand jury.

Authorities say Phillips was in a government vehicle in October 2016 when he passed the children in Roselle, then turned around and parked. Phillips allegedly called to the two 11-year-old girls and 10-year-old boy while touching himself, but they walked to their school and reported the incident.

Phillips' attorney has said the Linden man may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder from his two tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was removed from his recruiting assignment after his arrest.

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